Monday, 2 July 2007

Goldcliff pools / Slimbridge / Albatross watch

Rubbish weather had me dodging heavy downpours all weekend but i still managed a bit of birding.First off was goldcliff lagoons with the highlights being a common sand a turnstone and quite a few redshank.Saturday morning it was hammering down so i decided to go to slimbridge and opt for a dry hide.Had great views of kingfisher and common tern.A quiet sunday afternoon had MEGA BREAKING NEWS of a yellow nosed albatross being picked up exhausted on a beach the other side of the bristol channel and released 4pm saturday afternoon.In hope that it could still be in the area a seawatch from goldcliff point was in order.Three others with the same plan scoured the channel for a couple of hours with no joy.But a single storm petrel two fulmars and a flock of white UFOs were picked up.

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