Monday, 29 September 2008

Quite Weekend

I thought i would try my luck with a yellow browed warbler this weekend at various locations around the county.None in sight but quite a few goldcrests blackcaps and chiffys in the hedgerow.I did try really hard as it took 2 hours to get from the end of saltmarsh lane to the turning circle.Did pop in at the pools but this micro lite parachute thing got rid of everything in sight as it flew low over the pools,half hour later it flew back low over and flushed everything again,not even a duck in sight.Anyway bumped into a nice fox just outside the entrance to the pools.He must have been going over to see the new fence or something there putting up.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Tree Sparrow.

After many time of searching i finally get one in the county of Gwent this year.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Offer Ends.But Is Back On again.

The day went like this.Started walking around the grasslands in clear blue Sky's.only had 2 RL Partridge to show for my efforts.Decided to head over to the pools as it was close to high tide.Nice selection of waders present with the highlights being about 8 Curlew Sands 3 Little Stints 4 Ruff 2 Spotted Redshanks and a couple of Greenshank.A call came through of a Wryneck at Uskmouth.10 minutes latter by the lighthouse at Uskmouth no sign of the blasted thing.Done a bit of walking up and down to the shelter belt but no joy.
Tucking into my dinner at home the phone goes again the wrynecks been refound again.About 20 minutes later i was watching the little blighter.It had moved from the lighthouse about 500mtrs in a westerly direction.The offer of a FREE Blind was not Taken by anyone as the person who found it only had and payed for his blinds the day before.After the recent success i will reinstate the offer but what rare next.Any thoughts of what bird to be found in Gwent.Please leave a Comment Below.I'm thinking White Rumped,Baird's,Pec,Lesser Yellowlegs ,Wilson's Phal or Stilt Sand.
For a Much Better Pic See

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tick over

Had a quick flying view of a Great White Egret at the pools this weekend.Just about made it with seconds to spare.Shame it didn't hang about.Must get a little more motivated for the pretty easy species i need.No news on a wryneck yet although people are looking but want to fit the blind themselves.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Special Offer

Seeing that there are loads of Wrynecks all around us and i need one for my Gwent Yearlist Ive decided to offer readers of this blog a chance to win a FREE blind of your choice.
Terms And Conditions.
1-It Must Be A Wryneck (any other rare birds will not be included in this offer)
2-It Must Be In The County Of Gwent.
3-It Must Be Free Flying And Not Injured In Any Way.
4- It Must Not Be Trapped.
5- It must Be Reported Straight Away After Being Found.
6-It Must be Seen by Myself.
7-The Offer is for Vertical and Roller Blinds only.
8-Fabric must be chosen from stock.
9-Fitting Can Be Arranged At A Small Cost.£50 per window.
Happy Hunting and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Here's a few Pics from Clevedon Of 2 That's Been There for a Few Days.

The company can refuse the right to this offer at any time.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Great White

Been searching for a Gwent Wryneck for the last couple of days with no luck at all.Decided to try again this morning at Uskmouth starting at Farmfield Lane.Got all the way down to the other end of the reserve when a phone call came through of a Great White Egret at Goldcliff Pools. So that was it,Started a series of running and walking stints.When i got to the roundabout there was another birder walking up Saltmarsh Lane.I gave him a shout of Great White Egret at Goldcliff but i don't think he was that bothered as his reply was Oh That's Nice.Back on my Way i got halfway down Warbler Alley and bumped in John O Sullivan who was pepping into the bushes at a Juv Whitethroat.By this time i was sweating buckets.So off the two of us went.Pulling into the carpark at goldcliff i noticed an egret flying from lagoon1.Raised the bins and there it was and then there it wasn't.It headed in the direction of Llanwern Steelworks.Although not having a good long view its on my Gwent List.Anyway here's some of the Bearded Tit Pics.

Click Big For Full Effect.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Os Number 2

Flew into Goldcliff Pools and flew out again.

LT Skua

This Was the General area were the Long Tailed Skua was seen on Saturday.Got Drenched Tho.Again Happy Days.

Sunday 7th Sept

A text early afternoon had me dashing up to Llandegfedd Res for a Common Scoter Gwent Year tick.Just Made it in time.Put the camera to the scope and took these two pics as it flew off into the sunset.Happy Days.

Monday, 8 September 2008


This is West Usk Lighthouse probably called that because its a lighthouse on the west bank of the Usk.It Might be me but I'm convinced its going to turn up something great one day,or the little beach to the left hand side.If you ever read any of my posts about birds seen at the Gwent Bird Observatory this is it.Pop along and take a look for yourselves its great.All that was there on sunday tho were a few Sanderling a Barwit and some Dunlin and Ringed Plovers.And 11 Wheatears dotted along the foreshore.