Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Offer Ends.But Is Back On again.

The day went like this.Started walking around the grasslands in clear blue Sky's.only had 2 RL Partridge to show for my efforts.Decided to head over to the pools as it was close to high tide.Nice selection of waders present with the highlights being about 8 Curlew Sands 3 Little Stints 4 Ruff 2 Spotted Redshanks and a couple of Greenshank.A call came through of a Wryneck at Uskmouth.10 minutes latter by the lighthouse at Uskmouth no sign of the blasted thing.Done a bit of walking up and down to the shelter belt but no joy.
Tucking into my dinner at home the phone goes again the wrynecks been refound again.About 20 minutes later i was watching the little blighter.It had moved from the lighthouse about 500mtrs in a westerly direction.The offer of a FREE Blind was not Taken by anyone as the person who found it only had and payed for his blinds the day before.After the recent success i will reinstate the offer but what rare next.Any thoughts of what bird to be found in Gwent.Please leave a Comment Below.I'm thinking White Rumped,Baird's,Pec,Lesser Yellowlegs ,Wilson's Phal or Stilt Sand.
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