Monday, 15 September 2008

Special Offer

Seeing that there are loads of Wrynecks all around us and i need one for my Gwent Yearlist Ive decided to offer readers of this blog a chance to win a FREE blind of your choice.
Terms And Conditions.
1-It Must Be A Wryneck (any other rare birds will not be included in this offer)
2-It Must Be In The County Of Gwent.
3-It Must Be Free Flying And Not Injured In Any Way.
4- It Must Not Be Trapped.
5- It must Be Reported Straight Away After Being Found.
6-It Must be Seen by Myself.
7-The Offer is for Vertical and Roller Blinds only.
8-Fabric must be chosen from stock.
9-Fitting Can Be Arranged At A Small Cost.£50 per window.
Happy Hunting and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Here's a few Pics from Clevedon Of 2 That's Been There for a Few Days.

The company can refuse the right to this offer at any time.

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