Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tufaup Duck

Went to have a look at the reported Scaup this morning and found this thing.Still an interesting bird tho.Got to have Tufted and Scaup parents involved but who knows it could have anything in it.No Rings and i didn't see it flap its wings.Allowed a very close approach.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

How Not To Do It

This is how not to photograph Red Grouse on the Blorange.
1.Don't have your camera ready for when the Grouse fly.
2.Have your camera on the wrong setting.
3.Get yourself into position where the sun is facing you.
Follow these 3 simple rules for pics like this.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Number 3

Shot up to Llandegfedd yesterday afternoon after another new Iceland Gull was Found.(needed it for my Llandegfedd List) but the dam thing flew 2 minutes before i got there.Back up there today to do the roost again.Did get a Yellow Legged Gull flying right over us as soon as we got there,then a different bird then later on in the main roost.Mainly small gulls early on.The majority of gulls didn't start coming in until about 5:15pm when hundreds were dropping in straight to the centre.They also came in really high circled for a bit and then dropped like stones into the centre.This was when the Iceland was picked up.Id did fly up to the west bank fields once but was picked up again in the main roost.Well worth the long walk back up from Pettingale point.Did manage a few snaps but they were pants,and i mean pants.The two Photos below were from Craig yesterday afternoon.Cheers Craig.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Diver Alert

Pacific Diver on the loose somewhere in Wales.Not at Llandegfedd this evening.Although i didn't check Sor Bay or Green Pool.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Harrier Land Again.

Had a walk round Harrier Land again this afternoon and came across these.The Hen and the Marsh had a scrap over Boat Lane.The female flew into roost at about 4pm.
Then waited half an hour in the sunflower field for Barn Owl but it still didn't want to show.

Having a scrap.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Black Red At Sudbrook.

The Black Redstart showed well this morning but did go missing for some time into the Paper Mill.

A couple of shots on the tidal debris.And there was lots of it.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Harrier Land.

Two Harriers in one afternoon not bad for the reserve..First the Hen Harrier then the Marsh but still no Barn Owl.Also 1 Pipit sp with a sore throat.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bird 2

Number 2!! How many more goodies are out there waiting to be discovered.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Found this Gull this Saturday afternoon roosting on the roof of the docks near the tip.Thoughts were a 2winter Iceland gull due to the smallish size Long primary projection rounded head.Most probably a male.The only slight concern was the large bill.At certain angles it looked rather large but then other angles it look OK.Any thoughts please leave a comment.

Bittern At Hendre Lake.

Made a quick visit this morning and had better views than expected.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


At a loose end this evening.

January Highlights 09

3rd-Four Red Grouse and a Merlin on the Blorange Hen Harrier at Boat Lane Goldcliff Five + Water Pipits 20+Snipe and a count of 25 Golden Plover between Collister Pill and West Pill.
4th-15+ WAXWINGS at Tkmax carpark Newport also 80-100 reported on small trees in the car park of Newport Stadium.
20+ Water Pipits and a Rock Pipit at Peterstone. Also a Barn Owl hunting around the sunflower field at uskmouth.
5th- A single Green Sandpiper and Common Sandpiper at Gobion.25 WAXWINGS at Usk showed well. A Hen Harrier over the foreshore at Goldcliff and 19 Golden Plovers at Llanhennock.
6th-A Jack Snipe At Goldcliff Pools and a single WAXWING flying east over Ringland Estate Newport.
7th-3 Bewick Swans at Llandegfedd Reservoir WAXWINGS still at Usk and a Goshawk over the Village.
8th- Single Brambling in a garden at Landogo 2 Rock Pipits at Goldcliff Lagoons and 3 Short Eared Owls were seen at Waunafon Bog.
9th-A Marsh Harrier and Peregrine over Boat Lane Goldcliff.
10th-18 WAXWINGS Still in Usk but the Main highlights was a flock of 10 WOODLARK at Llanarth.
11th-WOODLARKS still showing well at Llanarth 23Goldeneye on river Usk at 17 Bewicks Swans in a field at Llanllowell.2 Water Pipits were seen at Peterstone Gout. Also a Med Gull and 2 Pintail at Llandegfedd Reservoir.
12th-The WOODLARKS still at Llanarth.
13th-WOODLARKS still at Llanarth and a Short Eared Owl at Waunafon Bog.
14th-2 Common Sandpipers and 3 Green Sandpipers were seen on the Usk at Caerleon
16th-A Spotted Redshank and Water Pipit at Goldcliff Pools.
17th-A Green Winged Teal (County First) was at Goldcliff Pools and a Water Pipit at Collister Pill.
18th and 19th - The Green Winged Teal Still at Goldcliff Pools
20th- Red Kites were seen at Gilwern, Wylie and Waunafon Bog. Also Short Eared owl and a Peregrine at Waunafon Bog.
22nd- 3 Short Eared Owls at Waunafon bog and a Hen Harrier seen flying over the A465 by Garnlydan Reservior.Highlight of the day was an Adult Glaucous Gull found late on at Goldcliff Pools. (First Adult since 1987).
23rd-4 Goldeneye were at Uskmouth and the Glaucous Gull still at Goldcliff also here was a Kittiwake flying over the Pools.
25th-Glaucous Gull at the Pools first thing the in fields off Chapel Road later on. A Green Sandpiper in the reen at the entrance to Uskmouth and 4 Red Grouse on the Blorange.
26th-4 Short Eared Owls 1 Hen Harrier and 1 Red Grouse were at Waunafon Bog.
27th-A Black Redstart was seen between Sudbrook and Caldicot Pill.20 Bewicks Swans in field west of St Brides.
30th-The Green Winged Teal put in an appearance again at Goldcliff Pools.

31st The Month ended with 2 Short Eared Owls at Waunafon bog a Marsh Harrier at Boat Lane Goldcliff.Also an adult GLAUCOUS GULL was seen at Magor Pill.