Thursday, 19 February 2009

Number 3

Shot up to Llandegfedd yesterday afternoon after another new Iceland Gull was Found.(needed it for my Llandegfedd List) but the dam thing flew 2 minutes before i got there.Back up there today to do the roost again.Did get a Yellow Legged Gull flying right over us as soon as we got there,then a different bird then later on in the main roost.Mainly small gulls early on.The majority of gulls didn't start coming in until about 5:15pm when hundreds were dropping in straight to the centre.They also came in really high circled for a bit and then dropped like stones into the centre.This was when the Iceland was picked up.Id did fly up to the west bank fields once but was picked up again in the main roost.Well worth the long walk back up from Pettingale point.Did manage a few snaps but they were pants,and i mean pants.The two Photos below were from Craig yesterday afternoon.Cheers Craig.

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