Sunday, 4 November 2007

Birds And The Letter S

A week of birds with the letter S in their names and places..
All Seen on ThurSday,Saturday And Sunday (3)
2 Snow BuntingS - Stolford SomerSet (5)
1 Juv Pom/Artic Skua - Stolford SomerSet (4) Any Thoughts
1 Spotted Sandpiper - LiSvave ReServior Cardiff (4)
1 Black RedStart - St BrideS Newport (3)
1 White-Rumped Sandpiper - Kenfig Nature ReServe Glamorgan (2)
And LoadS Of FieldfareS everywhere (2)


Richard L Ford said...


I visited your site via your link on the SOS forum (Pom Skua).I noticed that you have my blog as a link (Richard's Birding Diary).Thanks very much, I will put a link to your blog on my page.

Rich Ford

Weekend Birder said...

Cheers thanks very much.