Sunday, 30 December 2007

Drive By Birding

If you were down between Nash and Goldcliff Point today you would have witnessed a bit of drive by Birding.
Scanned every field in the vicinity for anything white that moved.No Cattle Egrets anywhere but a few Little Egrets about.Also picked up about 6 plastic Milk Cartons 28 Plastic Carrier Bags an a few news Papers.A bit of road rage as well when i kept slamming on the brakes without looking whats behind.After getting fed up of looking at Carrier Bags i popped into Boat Lane to look for the MEGA Bar-Headed Goose and there he was in all his glory.Didn't stop that long but also picked up the Leucistic Lapwing a Kingfisher and a nice number of Black Tailed Godwits.Also present here were huge numbers of Dunlin and Lapwing.

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