Saturday, 5 January 2008

First Dip Of 2008

After a text this morning of a Slav grebe at Llandegfedd i nipped up and spent a couple of hours there until it started raining.Couldn't relocate it .Here's a picture of one off Google images.

Also if any staff of the RSPB or CCW read this blog can we have some of these at boat lane and goldcliff.With all the money spent on a new reserve centre one of these wouldn't cost that much would it.Are there any other reserves without a hide in the country.


Darryl said...

I think the local parish council have blocked the building of any hides in the past; I like the look of the tower one, rip the top off though or we'll miss the flyovers.
No sign of the grebe 13:30-15:30, when did you get there?

Anonymous said...

The reserve staff said something i while ago that there is only a problem with hides at goldcliff, boat lane is a possibilty. I suggested that GOS sponser the building of a hide, and was thaught to be a good idea but that was how far it got.


Anonymous said...

Nice one.Can you bring it up at the next agm.Other than that theres enough driftwood and blue plastic drums on the foreshore to build one undercover of darkness.cheers nathan