Saturday, 2 February 2008

Dads Go to Iceland

This is why dads go to Iceland.Or maybe Minehead for an Iceland.Checked out the small pool opposite tescos first but no sign there.Did have a Perergrine circling high above.Couldnt be bothered to go into tescos for a loaf of bread to entice the gull in so i grabbed myslef a big mac meal and a couple of hamburgers for the gull.Must remember to take the gerkins out next time as the gull didnt like them.After i started feeding the gulls the finest food from Mc Donalds it was sometimes to close to get it all in the frame.Also here was a Pied Wagtail with 3 coloured rings.Red over Grey on left leg and white on right.

Glamorgans Aberthaw Power Station in the distance.

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Anonymous said...

Nice piccies, can we have one in Gwent please. I'd be interested in knowing where your wagtail comes from when you get the feedback (I assume you have stuck it on