Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Most Amazing Set Of Hoopoe Pictures Ever In The Whole Wide World Wouldn't You Agree.

Don't you agree that these are the best set of Hoopoe pictures ever in the world.Visited a little village in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire called Dyrham,a little debate going on whether its in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire.Wherever it is it was only 34 miles from my front door and what a cracking little bird.It did go missing a few times in some ditches and over the hill once but soon came back to its favorite spot(a big pile of dung).It did come to within about 30meters at one stage to take a drink in a puddle,but by the time i got my scope on it and the camera set up it flew back over to the dung pile.All i was left with were these shots above.


Harry M said...

At least you saw it - I was there for about an hour round lunchtime today at Sands Farm without a sighting. What time did you see it? (we did see Roe deer and Yellowhammer and heard Gtr Spotted Woodpecker)

Weekend Birder said...

hi Harry it did go missing quite often when it went onto the top path.I saw it between 3-6pm.
cheers Nathan

Rich Ford said...

As far as location goes it is in the 'Avon' bird recording area.Officially it's South Gloucestershire now.Definitely not Wiltshire though.