Friday, 9 May 2008

Ringed Plover News

Had news back of a ringed Plover that was seen at Goldcliff Pools wearing some colour rings.This is the email i received.
This is a male, ringed on a nest in Bolungarvík, western part of Iceland 2006. He had four chicks in 2006. In 2006 he was last seen in Bolungarvík 24.07 and then seen in Mauritaníu, Banc d‘arguin Africa on the 15th of august.
In spring 2007 he was first seen 1st of may. He was with the same female, lost the clutch two times (run over) and tried for the third time with another female and had 2 two chicks with her. He was last seen 20th of August (which is late) in Bolungarvík. He has not been seen this year.

Bolungarvik Iceland.
Banc d'arguin Africa
Goldcliff Pools 20/04/2008
Just a map to get a feel of the distance.

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