Saturday, 25 April 2009

Seabird Spectacular

With a SSW wind blowing,more South than South West a Seawatch at the cliff of Golden delights were in order.Both sat comfortably at the end of the point with scopes scanning the rising tide with not much going on.10 Minutes Nothing,20 Minutes 1 Racing Pigeon,30 Minutes Nothing,40 Minutes a Small distant wader down,50 Minutes still Nothing then on the stroke of 1 Hour a Great Crested Grebe up.The next 20 minutes or so made up for it. 2 Fulmars down and 5 yes 5 Arctic Skuas up,4 Dark Phase and 1 Light Phase.So with the Arctics tucked safely in the bottom of the bag and the sun going down over the cliff the decision was made to call it a day.

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