Saturday, 19 September 2009

Morning And Afternoon

Done the morning tide at goldcliff were the best of the birds were 2 Little Stints 1 Curlew Sand and 2 Ruff.An evening visit to Uskmouth in search of Spotted Crakes(there must be some somewhere) reveled 3 Water Rails and 1 snipe all on show at the same time.If a Gwent spotted crake will show up its got to be here.


Anonymous said...

Or Peterstone gout.

Anonymous said...

Unlikely on the Gout now as I think that its being dredged out.

Weekend Birder said...

The gout has a better record than Uskmouth i think with 3 records compared to 2.All Long stayers as well.but with all the work there at the moment its just got to be at Uskmouth.