Sunday, 25 October 2009

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

Friday morning news broke of Eastern Crowned Warbler up North.A few Texts went around to see if anyone was interested in going up.Although in the middle of the Credit Crunch and work being quiet at the moment i couldn't get out of Saturdays duties.Still showing all day up until dusk.Saturday night was spent making a few calls trying to rustle up some interest in going Sunday Morning.Only one other was up for it.The thing is all other records in the WP have been one day birds and the weather wasn't looking to good.Should we stay or should we go now.After making my mind up of going 100 times and then not we left it at that.I still got up in the middle of the night and nearly left the front door 3 times.Then Craig rang to see if i had already left or not and to see if i fancied going over to Brean Down .So at first light we found ourselves at Berrow Dunes.A few finches and Redwing went over.Then up onto Brean Down for a look around.Had a Seawatch from the shelter at the end which produced 1 G N Diver down channel close in and a Juv Gannet struggling down as well.As we came out of the Shelter 5 Crossbill flew over and then 500Yrds from the shelter a Firecrest showed well.Managed to salvage these pics due to the camera being on the wrong setting.

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