Monday, 2 November 2009

Gwent tick

Had a lie in Sunday morning due to the torrential rain.Thought i would go and have a look at the firecrest at Peterstone.No sign of it after an hour so a few of the others who were there decided to go to Goldcliff.Myself and Darryl carried on and checked the hedgerow towards the sea wall.When i got to the sea wall i picked up a bird with an unfamiliar call on its own which then joined a flock of Linnet and ditched in the salt marsh.After describing the call to Darryl who thought it sounded good for twite we made a few passes of the salt marsh upon which we had it in flight calling and a brief view on the deck before it disappeared down one of the many channels.It did fly back over us at one stage heading west which was the last sighting.Well worth getting soaked,muddy and nearly breaking my leg for.Just hope it hangs around a bit so i can have a good crack at it.See here( ) for a Pic.

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