Thursday, 31 December 2009

Gwent 09 Highlights

Not a bad year.The best being:

Woodlaks ,Waxwings , Glaucous Gull ,Green Winged Teal ,Ruddy Shelduck ,Whooper Swans ,Marsh And Hen Harriers , Black Redstarts ,Twite , Snow Bunting, Mandarin Duck , Possible Hudsonian Whimbrel and Marsh Warbler , Firecrest possibly Breeding ,3 Garganey , Aquatic Warbler , Pec Sand , Dartford Warbler , 4 Different Iceland Gulls , Hawfinch , Storm and Leaches Petrel , Pom Skua , Flock of 70+ Common Terns + a few Arctics thrown inn,2 Little Gulls , Great Northern Diver and Grey Phal.Not to forget bird of the Year , Uskmouths Subalpine Warbler.
Happy New Year To You All.

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Meehan said...

Not a bad year at all Nathan.., thanks for supplying us all with superb images! Keep it coming in 2010'.