Saturday, 9 January 2010

Gwent Tick

A tour of a few sites resulted in some good birds.First off the Nedern where 4 Bewick Swans were seen.Next was Black Rock where 2 Jack Snipe 2 Water Pipit and 1 Short Eared Owl showed up.Magor Marsh was pretty Quite with Kingfisher and a good selection of Duck on the Pond.Just tucking in to my Tuna Sweetcorn and Mayo Roll when a call was received that Darryl had just found a bittern at Uskmouth.(See for the news)Walked up from where it was seen from but no sign,then all of a sudden as i was walking back it flew up from opposite the Reserve centre and the sunken reed bed and flew towards the Uskmouth Power station area.Not the best of views for me but a Gwent Tick all the same.

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