Tuesday, 4 January 2011

636 Miles Covered

A nice little selection of birds this weekend at Penzance and Dawlish Warren.Pacific Diver,GN Diver,RT Diver,Eider,Common Scoter,Velvet Scoter,Glaucous Gull,Med Gull,Bonxie,Grey Phal,Brent Goose(pale and dark bellied),Slav Grebe,Purple Sand and Waxwing to name a few.


Kratik said...

What a topic to write on
Absolutely brilliant.
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Cheers :)

Jeff said...

Hi Nathan,

Only just discovered your blog and am well impressed,keep up the good work !!
Great images by the way.
Hope to bump into you again sometime,have a great birdin' 2011

Kindest regards,

Jeff Slocombe

Weekend Birder said...

Cheers Jeff thanks for the comment,hope to bump into you soon.
Cheers Nathan