Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gwent Tick

Headed up to Chepstow first thing this morning after last nights posting on the Gos Site.Didnt really have much hope..Had a scan around the town centre but no joy.Then a twitter message came through of an Osprey flying up river past Severn Beach.Headed to Newhouse Ind Est as the view is not bad of the Severn from there.Got out of the van and had a scan and then the Stork flew in from the Mathern Area and landed on one of the Lamp Post.Had a few minutes viewing and made all the necessary phone calls when it decide to get up and fly low East.Spent another hour or so trying to find it but gave up and headed home.If you look closely it looks injured under its bill.Come on lets all get twitter and follow each other you never Know what you might find.

1 comment:

Meehan said...

Nice move with the tweet there then!