Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Mighty Llandegfedd

Decided to have a nice quiet relaxed stroll around the North End and Green Pool area of Llandegfedd Reservoir at the weekend.Started off well until i got to Green Pool hide when on opening the hide slats i was greeted by reeds,reeds and more reeds.Excellent start.Next i thought i would walk around green pool and back along the north shore.First i had to pass through the small wooded area across the board walk.This is what i was greeted with.

Finally made it through the entrance with just a few cuts to show.

Next was how to get through the 5ft jungle of nettles.

After being stung 30- 40 times it was a quick look back to see how i ever managed it.

I did carry on around the North shore where the highlights were 2 Common Sands and a wigeon.

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