Saturday, 24 September 2011

What A Beach

I was just pulling up to Goldcliff pools to see what was about when the phone rang.Darryl was on the other end saying he had an interesting plover when suddenly as we were talking it flapped a little and showed the briefest glimpse of dusky auxiliaries.15 minutes later i managed to get a pic showing  an attenuated rear and black on the underparts extending way back towards the tail.Crept down towards where Darryl was positioned.Showed Darryl the photograph and news was put out as a probable.We waited for Chris and then positioned ourselves for a better look.Happy days AGP on the West Usk Beach(County First).Watched it for a while until a few fishermen flushed it further out onto the mud where we we able to get the Grey-Brown inner underwing in flight.See for the finders story.

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