Sunday, 23 October 2011


MEGA News Broke of a juicy pear showing well in a Cornish valley.Two of us decided to go straight away seeing how rare it was.Three Hours later we were watching this little beauty.Cant understand why every one else at the twitch had such sad faces.It was a peach of a pear.With it behaving so well over 500 photos were taken.With the pear in the bag we shot off home.
More MEGA news!Another or could it be the same one has turned up on the Scillies.


Darryl said...

"It was a peach of a pear" :))

Did you go on Friday and Saturday?!

Weekend Birder said...

No Just the Friday,could have done scillies if present on monday.

Meehan said...

''Mate it went pear shaped!''.... oh dear. Sorry.
Yeah what a long ol drive to view some nice peachy pears..., Cruel.