Saturday, 22 September 2007

Colour Ringed Gulls

Seen a few coloured ringed gulls lately.Med Gull at Bettws in august,LBB gull at llandegfedd in September and more recently a herring gull at bettws.Sent off the info and had some emails about there origin back.
No 1 - Med gull
Place of ringing was Czechia on the 15/05/2004 and has been seen in France and Hungary since.
No 2 - LBB Gull
Place of ringing was Stoke Orchard Landfill Site Gloucestershire on the 05/02/07.
No 2 - Herring Gull
Place of ringing was Gloucester Landfill Site on the 16/12/06.
Wasn't this about the same time as the Glaucous Winged Gull was found.
You never know it might have been sat on bettws playing fields for a few weeks after.


Darryl said...

Afternoon, nice Med Gull record, is Czechia in Hungary?

Weekend Birder said...

Good evening mr d,No i think Czechia is the short name for the Czech Repulic.Hungary is a seperate country altogether.I may be wrong and most proberly am so somebody please help out if you know.