Monday, 3 September 2007

Flooded Pools

The pools at goldcliff have been flooded over the high tide on the weekend so not much interest in the bird front at the moment.I did get out over the weekend but it seemed very quiet.A couple of pictures anyway.The ones of the moths are from my moth trap called the kitchen and hallway light.I will have to invest in a moth id book.



Julie.A. said...

I'm only guessing at the left one a sallow ?
the right one a Quaker ?

top book for the job''field guide to the MOTHS of great britain and ireland''
by paul Waring and Martin Townsend.
illusrated by richard lewington.

but it's still very hard.

Chris said...

Hi Nathan for the moths try Bordered Straw and Square Spot Rustic

Julie.A. said...

Ha ha, see it's easy when u know how,,,,,,,,,,lol
''the amatuer leaveth alone'', o;k.