Saturday, 20 October 2007

Sluice Farm,Lisvane Res,Llandegfedd Res

The weekend was spent at these 3 locations.First was a Visit to the Sluice Farm for nothing much more than a nice Merlin.Next stop was Lisvane Reservoir for the Spotted Sand,by the time i got there it had flow over to Llanishen Res on the far bank so the views were distant.It did get flushed from the other side and flew straight past me.After Checking the photos out I realised I had the camera on the wrong settings so they came out a bit blurred.Sunday morning was spent at Llandegfedd.Highlight was a Green Sandpiper.Groups of between 30-40 Wood Pigeons were flying through for the couple of hours I spent there.

Part of the Avocet flock thats been at Goldcliff Pools.

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