Sunday, 7 October 2007

Yellow Browed Dip

Had plans to visit Llandegfedd res mid morning.Heard the phone ringing but thought it was just the alarm.When i realised it was to late for the alarm to go off i got up made a cup off coffee.After my caffeine fix i came round and checked my phone and realised shit i missing something good here.Rang the caller back and he said he had a YB WARBLER up his jumper and it was being released in about 5 minutes.Got down to uskmouth in record time but was about 15 minutes to late.Scoured the hedgerows and zoomed in on anything that moved.Did see a mega on the reserve in the form of a black swan but no comparison in the dipping of the YBW.

This is the tree that it vanished into after it release.

And here is a picture of the little blighter kindly supplied by the Goldcliff Ringing Group.

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