Saturday, 18 October 2008

Leaving Gwent

A quiet couple of weeks recently bird wise but Ive been out a few times still looking for a Gwent YB Warbler.Went down to Ogmore on Friday for the Red Necked Phal but it had moved on overnight.Also watched a small flock of bearded tits at uskmouth fly up until out of view and then come back down again.The last time they went up two birds broke off and flew straight over towards the grasslands and out of view.Don't know weather anybody has witnessed this behaviour before but it certainly looked like they were testing the water before moving off.


Anonymous said...

saw this behaviour last year, juvs circling really high and calling. i posted something on birdforum and they said its something they do before dispersing or finding new territories (which would probably be the case at uskmouth).


Weekend Birder said...

Cheers luke,i Thought they were doing this.