Sunday, 5 October 2008

Three Dip Day.

The weekend was spent looking for County year ticks.
No 1-Barn Owl, spent an hour from 5:30-6:30AM touring the levels.Dip number One.
No 2-GGShrike,Spent a couple of hours at Castle Meadows early morning.Dip number Two.Did have a few Redwings Dipper and Grey wag tho.
No 3-Checked out Dunlop semtex Pond ant Llandegfedd for the Whooper Swan that was reported the night before.Dip Number Three.No sign either of the female type Scaup at Llandegfedd.Osytercatcher flying around the res tho.(looks like the whooper flew straight over to Ogmore Estuary)
No 4-Bingo,Walked into the heather on the Blorange for two and a half minutes, put up a Red grouse,watched it fly over the hillside and then walked two and a half minutes back to the van.Easiest tick ever.

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