Saturday, 16 May 2009

It Wasn`t Meant To Be

Well what a day Friday turned out to be,Checked the internetweb and a few seabirds were moving further down the channel.An hours watch at the cliff of golden delights was on.Not alot happening,just a single Gannet and 1 Arctic skua until a few Whimbrel flew up off the foreshore one with a completely dark Rump.Myself and Tom called it at the same time.In the Panic i thought S*** i better get a pic of this so rattled off a few of the flock.Should have really stayed on it with bins and got a few more features.Immediately checking the photos all were blurred and none Identifiable. Never mind S*** Happens.So it was back down this morning in search.Only a handful of Whimbrel about and all had nice spanking white rear ends.A new Spoondbill was at the Pools also 1 Rock Pipit and the cutest baby Shoveler you ever had seen.Also the cutest baby Pochard you ever have seen.Back over at the Point the seabird tally consisted of 2 Arctic Skuas 7 Gannet 10 kittiwake 1 Fulmar and the earliest Stormy for 7 Years.

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