Sunday, 31 May 2009

Get Up And Go

Couldn't find the get up an go to get out early this morning,instead i browsed the internetweb to see what i was missing,not a lot as it goes.Then a text came through of a summer plumage Curlew Sand at Goldcliff.Don't think i would normally go rushing round after a Curlew Sand but with the Lack of birds locally i thought why not.Anyway apart from the Curlew Sand a handful of dunlin and 2 Greenshank were the best of the rest.Still lots of Painted Lady's about tho.Checked the gulls out at Whitheads after tea but couldn't find any Yellow-Legs.A few wearing rings but the heat haze made them unreadable.Gave that up when a Tramp swigging Special brew and lugging around the biggest rucksack you ever have see walked straight through the middle of them.

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