Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Pools Again

Picked up an Acro Warbler flying into the bushes by the main entrance gate and thought that it looke paler in flight than a Reed Warbler.Couldnt find it at first but then it sang,lots and lots of mimicry including Linnet,Willow Chiff,Swallow,Goldfinch and House Sparrow,There has been a few Reed Warblers with a bit of mimicry there recently but nothing like this,it was completly different.It also didnt have the repetertiveness of a Reed Warbler.It kept out of view for most of the time but did fly back across to another bush on a few occasions.Never really came out into the open so didnt get any id clinching features but the best pic i got do show longish primaries and what seems to be pale tips.Last seen in the bushes by the metal gate.It was then looked for up untill 11pm and the next day with no Joy.Didnt even check the pools,the Black stork could have been sat there in full view.

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