Sunday, 14 June 2009

Somerset Again

After last weeks failed attempt to see the Little Bittern i decided to head down this morning and not leave until it showed itself or until it got dark.On site at 04:50 hours walking around Loxton Marsh i bumped into a few other birders who informed me that it had been showing well and calling 5 minutes before i got there.About 2 hours later it started its call but seemed to be miles away.In this time a thick blanket of fog came down and i was starting to get flashbacks of last week driving back up the M5 thinking what if.Then during the morning the fog lifted and the calling got louder and louder,it was only a matter of time until it flew.And then there it was a full 30 seconds of pure pleasure right in front of me crossing the main channel and into the reeds again.Good scope views were had at this time and Little Bittern well and truly ticked off on my British List.

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