Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The 8 Till 5 Shift

 Spent the whole day camped outside number 41 The Leys Chipping Norton in the cold and rain.What for? absolutely nothing.Missed the dove by 10 People.Was Kept entertained tho by Bob with his 15 minute Quizzes.(well done Bob if you're reading this,it was an experience)

The Only other Highlight literally were Mats Pumps.(well done Mat also if you're reading this)


Meehan said...

Even though it was a complete pisser standing there in the cold rain for 8+ hrs I still had a top day out, with some top banter in the queue to keep us amused. Not ideal birding, but there you go. I need to sort my fieldcraft footwear out asap - prob why the bird disappeared!

Jeff said...

You lads have got stamina I'll grant you that !!