Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chipper In Chipping Norton

Decided to go for the dove again.Good scope views from a garden further up the leys.Had another pop at number 41.Just before we got in it was feeding on the lawn quite happily until someone took a picture with the flash on.When we got in the dove was sat up in a tree obscured with branches.Never Mind.As we were heading back down the M5 past slimbridge the pager goes off, That Dam Gull back at Rainham.What to do,turn Left onto M4 towards the gull or turn right towards home.
Left it was but the least said about that the better.Haven't got a good record with gulls.


simon said...

lol! we have a chipping norton here right near the m5... I got very confused! great birding shots!

Meehan said...

Should have had a word with yourself Nath.., could be a big gripper that gull! ;-)

Weekend Birder said...

Cheers Mat but i think theres plenty more of those Gulls just around the corner i hope.Not Going again untill it gets pinned down.